Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'll still love you

No matter the words that come through my mouth, the words I write out of spite, I'll still love you. I might sound like a complete and total jerk, but please, it is only my fallible human nature. I'll still love you the day I die, I'll still love you the day He comes. I don't want to hurt you, but if I do I apologize in advance, it is only what I cannot control. I'll still love you if you choose to beat me down, take everything I have, leave me for dead. I'll still love you if choose to abandon me and leave me stranded in the middle of the sea or in an airplane that's crashing. I'll still love you if you pull the plug on me, if you hang up on me. I'll always love you. But most importantly, I'll still love you when you return your love for me. God loves me, God loves you, God loves, so through His grace, I love you.

thanks to Bianca.

-GJ Frye


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