Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Much

Pride. It's terrible, it causes you to lie, to mask your emotions. Lying is the worst. Even if you are lying so that you don't hurt someone's feelings, you should know that the truth will come out eventually, and that person will be hurt more than you could possibly imagine. Grace is an amazing thing, God is amazing. He gives us more than enough, we don't deserve it, but we get it. I can't believe these thoughts are spawned from watching Lucky Number Slevin, which is an amazing movie, apart from a few suggestive scenes. We all have suggestive scenes in our lives, we just need to make sure that we keep our movie's theme on the right track, we live in a broken world, so none of us could ever hope to film a movie that is rated G. God can be seen as a terrible judge, but that is because He is such a lenient critic. These are so much to handle, so many thoughts, I feel completely scattered today. I apologize.

-GJ Frye


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