Monday, July 14, 2008


How can it be?
That once we've been set so free
We keep it locked in
As if somehow we've been broken
Well I can't take it anymore
I'm gonna open up that door

I'm gonna live as I'm meant to live
I'm gonna breathe as I'm meant to breathe
I'm gonna praise as I'm meant to praise
I'm gonna live for You to give You thanks

Cause I'm gonna scream at
the top of my lungs
I'm gonna sing out loud
with all of my heart
In this movie I want a role
A part where I can show
Your Amazing Love for me

O God, how can it be
That You my Lord
Would stay hidden in me
I want to break out the Bible
I want to praise of the Gospel
Of Your amazing story
That ends in such amazing Glory

Let's sing together
Forever and ever
Of the gift we've been given
Let's praise Him through our Livin'
Oh thank Him through our Livin'

-GJ Frye


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