Sunday, January 4, 2009

Falling into Paint/Love

I have times where I have unused inspiration. Tonight is one of those times. I feel that whatever I write may not be exactly what I meant it to be, so take to heart that I may need to revise my thoughts tomorrow.

I have a certain faith in the good of the human spirit.

hold up, I don't know what I'm doing. I definitely need to write about love, since thats what my heart is telling me to right now, and my head doesn't really have any particular direction anyway.

Falling in love is like falling in a bucket of paint. You are stained a certain color, forever, even if that color changes eventually you will always have that color somewhere on you, no matter how chipped it gets. Sometimes people only have a few coats of paint, others have many. Sometimes a coat will not get chipped much or fade much, but sometimes others do.

The important thing to take note of though is that even chipped paint that is faded can still be just as inspirational and beautiful. Marks on that paint can mean something important to the person, such a deepening in a relationship from an experience or something more life changing. 

I think that the last coat of paint you have, will be the color you were originally, before you fell in love with any of the others. Because that original color is who you are, and the person you are meant to be with and fall in love with for the last time and forever will love you for exactly who you are and nothing else.

The other coats will still be under the outside one, but only as a reminder of past experience to give you more fortitude and wisdom about life and love.

The love of your life will be a color unique in every way that cannot be matched so obviously the only way to find the love of your life is to take risks and mix the colors on your palette to find the right one, that might mean some messiness, but I think it would be worth it. So take off your apron, remove the newspaper, and start creating colors in every way possible getting as messy as you can.


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