Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Interrupted Insight

Wow, I did it again I started to write a blog just to not want to right it anymore. I was going to give an excerpt from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis for you to read, but really I don't think it is that type of book. You cannot just take parts of it and say that you will understand and take to heart those parts and then just dismiss all of the other parts as unimportant or less important, you just can't do that. Same with the Bible, too many people are hypocrites, they really are. I admit that I am a hypocrite but at the same time I try to have integrity and change my hypocrisy into something like that of a pebble rather than a boulder. There are many people who choose to believe that some parts are true and others are not. Some people that tend to want to follow a few of the Bible's teachings and not all of it. Well that isn't good. You should try to follow everything, but make sure that you understand what it is saying first. For those of you who have trouble understanding what it has to say, take an online devotional, or after a sermon talk to the pastor or speaker about what you didn't understand, because not understanding isn't an excuse. If you seek the Lord your God with all of your heart and then you will find Him, and seeking goes along with taking the time to fully understand everything, not just looking at it at face value and saying that you don't have time and that what you do understand is the only thing that matters. Seek to fully understand the things that come to you from the Word of God or else you are DOOMED! Not really, but the point is to be humble and try to give it some thought. Would you rather take a hit on your pride or hitch a ride to hypocrisy and the gentle sloping road to (yes I am going to say it although I try not to because I don't believe that you absolutely will but I do think that it is more possible than you might have previously thought) Hell?

P.S. Mere Christianity is a great buy and you can get it on amazon right now for $11 and free shipping, if you do get it and don't understand it I am here for you.

GJ Frye


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