Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I am not exactly thoughtless today, but I've started writing this without any purpose in mind so hopefully by the time I finish this sentence something will pop up in my brain. No cigar. Well this is awkward. I watched a movie last night called Fracture, it had Anthony Hopkins in it, I really like that guy but that was a twisted role for him, I prefer him as the jolly old man that he usually is. Yes! I know what to write, okay, here it goes:

As the shot rings through my ears
I stride and strive with all my might
All of those around me
They aim to defeat me
My enemy however is not them
My battle is not with them
It is not with my fellow competitors

The enemy I must defeat
Is the fierce wind pushing me back
It tugs at my hair and my clothes

The enemy I must defeat
Is the blazing sun beating down on me
Whipping my back with rays and flares
Beckoning me to collapse of exaustion

The enemy I must defeat
Is the forever changing terrain
From stone to earth to grass
Calling me to fall and to fail
But falling would not mark my failing

The enemy I must defeat
Is the chilly rain and dense water
Weighing down my limbs
Seducing me to stop
As if it were saying
"This feels good, stop to feel better"

The Enemy I must defeat
Is a voice trying to deceive me
Telling me that I don't have what it takes
Lying to get what It wants
Not through Pride will I overcome It
I will not say that I am better than a quitter
Strength from above is my strength to overcome

It is not my fellow brothers
Who are the enemies I face
Those that I have listed
Are the true enemies
In a Harrier's race

Hah, I was worried for a second there that I wouldn't think of something to write. I call that "A Harrier's Race."

-GJ Frye


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