Tuesday, July 22, 2008


There was this show, that I recently watched, called Avatar: The Last Airbender, and at first glimpse it doesn't seem to relate to Christianity at all. It is set in an Asian cultural world where they do not seem to worship any one god but a twist gives certain people of the different nations to be able to bend the elements. One certain member of one of these nations can control all of the elements. The name given is the Avatar. Well, how does this relate to Christianity at all? At the near end of the season three finale Aang (the avatar) is destined to defeat the Firelord, who has taken over the other nations (earth, air, water) with the Fire Nation. In the climax of the battle Aang is faced with the decision to kill the Firelord to end the war, but he can't because he knows that it isn't right. Instead Aang tries something that is so risky he is placing the world in jeopardy. In order to perform this task he has to be completely unbendable. He has to spirit bend to end the war without killing the Firelord. In a way we are all spirit benders. We can bend someone's way of thinking, their character, their will, and most importantly their life. As a Christian we are meant to be unbendable, because in being unbendable we will be able to bend those who need to be shown the truth, the way, and the light. Jesus Christ. Build yourself up with knowledge and scripture and do not let anyone tell you that you are wrong. Without this spirit bending no one will be saved, those who master it, must be unbendable. If you make a mistake, stand strong in your faith and admit your mistake to God Himself, only Jesus has the power to save. Once you admit that mistake the Holy Spirit will make you even stronger than you were before. Be a spirit bender, bend the spirits of those who need you. Who need Christ. Bend but do not break, for breaking a spirit causes an irreversable gap between them and God. Bend, my brothers and sisters, but be careful to not break. Be careful to not bend yourselves. Be a Spirit Bender.

-GJ Frye

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fights and Freedom

Alright, well I just deleted a whole blog because I hated the way that I presented it. I was trying to address something that no one will take to heart anyway. Anger is an amazing thing, its passion moved to the highest climax. It will make you do unthinkable things. Well I am angry at myself, at Christians everywhere. If you are a Christian then live for Christ. If you believe that God HIMSELF, died for you? Then why don't you tell people about it. I mean seriously, if you've accepted Jesus Christ into your heart and you have been gifted salvation for an eternal life, do you realize how big of a deal that is?! How can you not tell people? How can you not try to glorify God for what he has done for you? How can you not at least try to live a life he would approve of? Be passionate about your beliefs, who cares if you look crazy sometimes I mean Jesus went crazy for you? Imagine sacrificing yourself for millions of convicted felons, knowing that they would still make mistakes and they would still turn away from what's right. Would you really do it? Jesus sacrificed himself for the entire mankind! Jesus himself underwent perfect humility. Humility because that's what a man ought to undergo and perfection because he was God. If someone calls you a Jesus Freak or anything along those lines that's a sign, not that you should change for them and be more subtle but a sign that you are doing what God's want you to do. I mean don't go hardcore and tell everyone they are going to Hell if hey don't accept Christ right there and then. But live passionately, Love like we are meant to love, talk like we are meant to talk, dance like we are meant to dance, witness like we are meant to witness. We were made in God's image. God is not cold and distant about His passions, He is radical and awesome and the perfect role model. Don't think that being a Christian means that you can't have fun, it means the farthest thing from that. Being a Christian means that you are living Like Christ, Christ was not Mr. Rogers. Sure he was compassionate and caring, but he was also passionate and angry. He got into so many quarrels with religious leaders back then, he was a rebel. He stood up against the society that cursed and condemned. He found the lost, He touched the untouchable, He loved the unlovable. Honestly, does a guy that goes against almost all the rules sound like Mr. Rogers? Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia is the symbol of Jesus in Narnia and C.S. Lewis described him in a quote that makes perfect sense: "Safe? Course he isn't safe, but he's good" Do you understand that? Fight for whats right, dont stand down and be tolerant when people tell you that you are wrong about your beliefs, dont let people walk all over you, go crazy. You can still be caring without being 'nice' being nice doesn't get a man crucified. Think about that. Being nice doesnt get a man crucified. Try reading all of what Jesus did. Not just what the church focuses on. Jesus was not civilized in anyway, he was a barbarian. But he was Good. Live out the life God gave you. Live like you are meant to live.

-GJ Frye

Monday, July 14, 2008


How can it be?
That once we've been set so free
We keep it locked in
As if somehow we've been broken
Well I can't take it anymore
I'm gonna open up that door

I'm gonna live as I'm meant to live
I'm gonna breathe as I'm meant to breathe
I'm gonna praise as I'm meant to praise
I'm gonna live for You to give You thanks

Cause I'm gonna scream at
the top of my lungs
I'm gonna sing out loud
with all of my heart
In this movie I want a role
A part where I can show
Your Amazing Love for me

O God, how can it be
That You my Lord
Would stay hidden in me
I want to break out the Bible
I want to praise of the Gospel
Of Your amazing story
That ends in such amazing Glory

Let's sing together
Forever and ever
Of the gift we've been given
Let's praise Him through our Livin'
Oh thank Him through our Livin'

-GJ Frye

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Much

Pride. It's terrible, it causes you to lie, to mask your emotions. Lying is the worst. Even if you are lying so that you don't hurt someone's feelings, you should know that the truth will come out eventually, and that person will be hurt more than you could possibly imagine. Grace is an amazing thing, God is amazing. He gives us more than enough, we don't deserve it, but we get it. I can't believe these thoughts are spawned from watching Lucky Number Slevin, which is an amazing movie, apart from a few suggestive scenes. We all have suggestive scenes in our lives, we just need to make sure that we keep our movie's theme on the right track, we live in a broken world, so none of us could ever hope to film a movie that is rated G. God can be seen as a terrible judge, but that is because He is such a lenient critic. These are so much to handle, so many thoughts, I feel completely scattered today. I apologize.

-GJ Frye

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Bucket List

I watched the movie and figured I needed to make my own, so here it is:

1. Write a novel.
2. Graduate College.
3. Change someone's life.
4. Fall in love.
5. Skydive.
6. Climb Everest.
7. Surf in Hawaii.
8. Find genuine joy in my life.
9. Bring genuine joy to others.
10. Read the Bible cover to cover.
11. See something so beautiful that it will bring tears to my eyes.

Chances are I will add things, and I will make sure to mark the ones that I accomplish, so stay tuned.

-GJ Frye

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'll still love you

No matter the words that come through my mouth, the words I write out of spite, I'll still love you. I might sound like a complete and total jerk, but please, it is only my fallible human nature. I'll still love you the day I die, I'll still love you the day He comes. I don't want to hurt you, but if I do I apologize in advance, it is only what I cannot control. I'll still love you if you choose to beat me down, take everything I have, leave me for dead. I'll still love you if choose to abandon me and leave me stranded in the middle of the sea or in an airplane that's crashing. I'll still love you if you pull the plug on me, if you hang up on me. I'll always love you. But most importantly, I'll still love you when you return your love for me. God loves me, God loves you, God loves, so through His grace, I love you.

thanks to Bianca.

-GJ Frye

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the beginning...

Well, I'm sure we all know how things really began. The future is where the real surprises are in store. The one thing that I want each and every one of you to know is that no matter what happens I am here for you to help you through anything, no matter how far gone you think you are, I have a Friend that can help bring you back to where you belong. He can do some pretty great things, so if you ever want me to introduce you to Him, just let me know. You also might already know Him so if you want to learn more about Him, then I can also help you out with that. Anytime, send me anything, and it might be possible that together we could change Everything.

You can call me G.J. but you don't have to use the punctuation.

-GJ Frye